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Puerto Rican Pride

My aunt is amazing, Latina warrior! She kept her family safe when her island of Puerto Rico was decimated by hurricane Maria. Let her story of resilience be a lesson to all of us going through a tough time to always keep our heads up and to take hardship one day at a time! ...

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The Tattooed Mom

'Survivor: Season 30' contestant, Lindsay Roberts, talks about what it's like being a PTA Mom with more than $12k worth of tattoos all over her body...

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Face of a Feminist Talent Show

Our first ever event, an all female talent show, represented a safe space for women to be themselves. Not only were the performers amazing, but they were able to be raw and honest and vulnerable on stage. There is nothing more powerful than a room full of empowered women and their supporters. Huge thank you to our sponsors, Mel's Bad Girls Club and Orlando Pride. Thank you to The Venue for giving us an amazing location, and all your hard work to make this event a success. And finally, thank you to Gambini Digital Marketing Agency for capturing this beautiful night. [embed][/embed]   [gallery ids="2129,2115,2136,2128,2134,2133,2120,2110,2119,2118,2096,2094,2109,2104,2081,2093,2106,2132,2114,2135,2088,2123,2095,2126,2102,2122,2124,2103,2101,2097,2084,2083,2137,2121,2131,2125,2127,2130,2117,2098,2099,2100,2108,2107,2105,2112,2113,2116,2087,2086,2082,2092,2091,2090,2089"]   Social Media Accounts of the Performers! Sabrina Ambra, comedian- IG/Twitter: @sabrinaambra     Snapchat: SabbyCatCat Dante Grace, burlesque juggler- Facebook: Dantei Grace     Instagram: @dantei.grace Julia McDonald, singer-     IG/FB/Twitter: rosiejofficial Darci Ricciardi, dancer- Twitter: @DarciRicciardi     Instagram: @kittykittydarci     Facebook: Darci Ricciardi Kalyn Drexl, tap dancer- Instagram: @kjdrexl (personal); @kalyndphotography (photog/business)    Twitter: @kjdrexl      Facebook: Kalyn Drexl           (personal); Kalyn Drexl Photography      LinkedIn: Kalyn Drexl Emily Bergholtz, spoken word- IG: @emmykmidd      Snapchat: @emilyblmt Dawn Marie, pole dancer-      IG: @pixiedawn Sunshine Matthews, winner, singer/cajon- ...

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The Breast Cancer Survivor: Face of a Feminist

For breast cancer awareness month I decided to produce a video that I wanted to share with you anyway. This is my warrior of a mother! She's cheated death 3 times and raised 4 kids on her own. Any woman going through a tough time will feel inspired and empowered after watching the obstacles my Mother has overcome. View this video on Facebook for captions: ...

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Why I’m A Feminist

In celebration of 'Face of a Feminist, Inc' getting non-profit status, I thought I'd recap why I started it in the first place. I answer a simple question...

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