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I started ‘Face of a Feminist’ as a way to help take the sting out of the word ‘feminist’. I felt I needed to de-politicize the word and help the movement get back on track to its roots…the equality of the sexes. Somewhere it’s lost its way, buried in political rhetoric and uninformed advocates and critics.

Using my background in broadcast journalism, I began interviewing strong, empowering women and having them share their story.

What began as a way to show the world the many different kinds of people who identify as feminists, has turned into something more.

Now, I’m completely obsessed with empowering women and girls in any way I can.

I bought my own equipment, do my own editing and recording.  And schedule all interviews myself.

Anyone I think can change someone’s life with their story or help a woman relate, I’ll talk to.

I do the weekly videos to show women how we’re all just in this life together. This sisterhood.

I’ve also added motivational women’s empowerment speeches.

And when I’m asked, I’m happy to visit schools to speak to girls.

We’re also in the process of getting non-profit status.

So, any support you’re giving, even by just sharing the videos on Facebook or subscribing to the YouTube channel, it’s a big help.  Thank you.